Our commitment is to the planet, the environment, our partners, collaborators, suppliers and customers.

Because taking care of the environment is a necessity and urgency.We are committed to protecting our planet, reducing the consumption of natural resources in a responsible way.

Natural origin,
Natural protection,
Natural quality,
Responsible production

In the last decade we have implemented the consumption of recycled and ecological fibers. Increasing the number of references in stock day by day. Heading towards sustainability with conscience.

The textile industry is changing rapidly.

We change with and for it our production model.

We have increased the number of nearby looms and we have notably reduced the consumption of water and energy in our dyeing, printing and finishing processes in order to trace our processes and minimize our environmental impact. Enhancing our product KM0.

Our priority is to reduce the water and carbon footprint in all of our productions.

Sustainability is no longer an option, it is necessary to find a new way of

understanding the industry a responsible and respectful way of treating the planet.

The organic cotton G.O.T.S, the recycled polyester from the seabed SEAQUAL, the sustainable viscose ECOVERO, the linen of European origin EUROPEAN FLAX, have become our most valuable materials and best allies.

"With the support of l’Agència de Residus de Catalunya- ARC",
TEJIDOS REBÉS, SL. has received the aid granted by the ARC (l’Agència de Residus de Catalunya), to carry out the "PROJECT NEW SUSTAINABLE FABRICS”, within the line of Grants for projects promoting the circular economy. TES/3340/2020.

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Logos Generalitat ARC


We contribute to the achievement of different SDGs